Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Laser is Perfect for Spider Vein Removal

Laser treatment for spider veins is currently one of the easiest and best options.  

During the process, laser energy removes the spider veins by coagulating the veins.  Once treated the veins shrivel and shrink.  Laser works best on small to medium spider veins.  For now the larger type f spider veins are still best treated with sclerotherapy. 

How does it feel?  All different types of laser treatments are described in the same way.   People say it’s a similar feeling to having a rubber band snapped on your skin repeatedly.  Smarts but nothing that can’t be tolerated. If you have a low tolerance for pain they can even give you something but it is not standard procedure to receive any type of medication. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Laser Spider Vein Removal

Why Do We Get Spider Veins?

There are various reasons but truth be told we all get them eventually.  There are different types.  If you're lucky you'll only end up with small spider veins.  The tough ones are the what is called varicose veins.  Lasers work well on the spider veins because of their tiny size. They are flat and red and have very small tiny branches that run through the skin.